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Injuries to Children

Indiana Child Injury Attorneys


It’s always a worry that your child will be injured while at school, no matter their age. Even very young children can be seriously hurt at recess by playing too roughly on unsafe equipment or because of a lack of supervision, and older kids can be permanently injured or even killed while playing games at school or during formal sporting events.

While minor scrapes and injuries are part of growing up, serious and severe injuries that happen because of negligent supervision, unsupervised play, actual bullying or harassment, or unsafe school playground equipment should be a part of childhood. Parents have a right to expect their children to be reasonably safe while at school and during school activities. If there is negligence on the part of school officials and it results in a serious injury to your child, then there may be a valid legal claim for money damages.

Of note, Indiana has special rules any time a lawsuit is filed against a government agency, including agency-held parks and schools. Illinois law is different, although filing a lawsuit against a public entity in many circumstances must be commenced within one year. Because Kenneth J. Allen Law Group practice exclusively in accident and injury law in both Indiana and Illinois, our personal injury attorneys are aware of the state laws, as well as their limits which injured persons must face in bringing claims for school and playground child injuries.

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