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Workers Compensation

Indiana Workers Compensation Attorneys


Employees who are hurt while working on the job are owed due compensation. Unfortunately, many employers do not react with a concern for their employee, but instead worry about their bottom line and coldly respond to valid on the job, work injury claims with red tape, roadblocks and retribution.

Workers in the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland area should never assume that Workers’ Compensation will take care of them without checking with their own lawyer. This is true even if the boss says an attorney isn’t needed, or if the company lawyer says everything’s covered, or if fellow employees warn the injury victim that they should not rock the boat.

Having a workers’ compensation attorney on your side is always important, but especially so when you face situations like:

  1. The insurance company denies benefits to you;
  2. Your boss denies that you were hurt at work and injured while on the job;
  3. You go for medical treatment and you are refused medical care; or
  4. You’re not seeing what was promised to – wages, medical coverage, etc.

It is extremely important to have a worker’s compensation lawyer if you are facing extreme situations after being hurt at work, and you are suffering from an on the job injury:

  1. You need money and have no income coming in;
  2. Your employer does not carry compensation insurance; or
  3. Someone other than your employer hurt you and caused your accident.

The Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland injury law firm of Kenneth J. Allen Law Group only handles accident and injury cases. The firm has extensive experience in representing employees who have been hurt at work and suffer from on the job injuries.

Working together, the legal team at Kenneth J. Allen Law Group works with consulting medical experts to establish the irrefutable fact of your loss, its future ramifications in terms of dollars and cents, as well as the responsibility of your employer. By righting your wrongs, we also seek to serve the greater good and prevent serious work injuries from repeating in the future through a safer workplace and a more compassionate, cooperative employer.

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If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or killed while at work then you may have a legal claim for workers compensation benefits as well as the right for justice against an involved wrongdoer and you are welcomed to contact the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland personal injury lawyers at Kenneth J. Allen Law Group to schedule a free initial legal consultation.