Toxic Food Dangers: Salmonella Danger Causes Fresh Express Recall, FDA Introduces New Public Recall Warning Site

Toxic Food Dangers: Salmonella Danger Causes Fresh Express Recall, FDA Introduces New Public Recall Warning Site

Fresh Express has recalled thousands of salad bags filled with fresh spinach because the leaves may carry salmonella bacteria which is very dangerous for humans.  If you have purchased a Fresh Express bag from your grocer that fits the following recall information, then return the product to the store — and if you’ve eaten any of that spinach or served it to your family and loved ones, then get medical attention as soon as possible.  Salmonella poisoning can be very, very serious.

The dangerous Fresh Express Salad Bags can be identified with:

  • product codes starting with H081 and H082
  • UPC Code of 7127913204 and
  • use-by dates of April 6 and 7.

If you have questions, then feel free to call Fresh Express’s consumer line at (800) 242-5472.

The Dangers of America’s Food Supply — FDA Has Instituted New Public Warning Food Recall Web Page This Month

Americans cannot assume that the food that they buy at the store or eat in restaurants is safe.  The massive egg recalls within the past few months are just one example of how food supplies in this country are all too often putting dangerous products into the marketplace.  In fact, in a landmark piece of legislation the federal government has begun to recognize this reality with the first major change in federal food safety laws in almost 70 years.

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is a broad piece of legislation that is supposed to turn the FDA from being involved in policing dangerous foods after they have already put Americans in danger, and instead making the FDA into a proactive agency that works to stop bad food from getting to American tables in the first place.

You can learn more about the law here.

This month, the FDA complied with part of the FSMA by updating its website with a new, user-friendly page dedicated to information regarding food recalls.  The new site even provides for automatic food safety alerts to be sent to your computer. This is not the same as the federal government’s food safety website, FoodSafety.Gov.

One website works to educate on how to buy and prepare food items safely.  The other informs us when things like toxic spinach have made it to our store shelves and restaurant menus.

Food is a product in our marketplace, sold along side drugs and toys and appliances.

Defective products in whatever form can serious injure and sometimes kill innocent victims.  Tainted food is especially dangerous for infants, the elderly, and those with compromised immune systems.  Be careful, see a doctor if you need to do so, and remember: sometimes justice is only found in a courtroom.  Food can be the basis of a products liability lawsuit just the same as a tire, car seat, toy, or gas tank.

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