Roche and Amylin Pharmaceuticals Caught Not Reporting Bad News and Adverse Reactions to Their Drug Products to the Regulatory Agencies: We Must Remember – Drugs Are Products Sold for Profit. Lots of Profit.

Roche and Amylin Pharmaceuticals Caught Not Reporting Bad News and Adverse Reactions to Their Drug Products to the Regulatory Agencies: We Must Remember – Drugs Are Products Sold for Profit. Lots of Profit.

1. Did Roche Fail to Let Anyone Know About Side Effects From Its Products – Even Though People Are Dying After Taking Roche Meds? Yes.

Roche is a Big Pharma drug manufacturer based in Switzerland that has the European Medicines Agency (EMA) on the hunt after it was discovered that Roche didn’t report problems with several of its products and those drugs are now apparently connected to over 15000 deaths. Seems that Great Britain’s version of the FDA (the UK Medicines Regulatory Agency) found out that there were around 80,000 adverse event reports for Roche drugs used in the United States that no one had bothered to tell the European regulatory agencies about. Surprise, surprise.

2. Has the Maker of Diabetes Drug Bydureon aka Byetta (Amylin Pharmaceuticals) Hidden the Risks of Heart Problems? Yes.

FDA documents are showing up in the news media now that given the definite idea that drug maker Amylin Pharmaceuticals was shoving information under the rug that its trendy diabetes drug Byetta, aka Bydureon or enexatide.… and that this kept the Food and Drug Administration from giving approval of the new diabetes drug because the information involved risks of heart problems associated with Amylin’s new product Bydureon.  Trendy thing about this new product:  diabetes sufferers only have to take the drug once a week.  How handy, right?  Amylin has a popular, convenient diabetes drug to sell … troublesome that there are heart problems associated with it, right?

The FDA has okayed Bydureon to be sold to diabetes patients in the United States: read the FDA approval memo here.

However, it is right there in this approval memo that Amylin did indeed hide some negative information about its drug, and by negative we mean risky to the human heart.  The FDA found out about the risks not from Amylin, but from Health Canada.   Now, stock market analysis are wondering about what’s going on here, since Amylin is looking for a Big Pharma monster company to buy it out.

Seems like lots of doctors and patients might be wondering about the wisdom of using Bydureon, too ….

Once again, news stories remind us all that drugs are not charitable, altruistic gifts given to patients by good-hearted, non-profit organizations.  No.  Drugs are products made by companies – some of the biggest corporations in the world, in fact – and they make and sell these products for profit.

Drug companies make more money than almost any other industry in the world.  Go here for details.

So, when you or a loved one gets a prescription for a doctor or buys a medicine over the counter at the store, remember: it’s not immune to being unsafe.  That product may be flawed.  That product might harm or kill.

Don’t be naive about drugs.  Trust your instincts and if you think something isn’t right about your medication, call your doctor and check into the drug itself.  No one is going to call you on the phone to warn you about these Big Drug Companies doing bad things for money.

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