Energy Drinks Dangerous? New Study Finds Energy Drinks Reason for Many People in Emergency Rooms Around the Country: Have You or Your Child Been Hurt by Drinking Energy Drinks?

Energy Drinks Dangerous? New Study Finds Energy Drinks Reason for Many People in Emergency Rooms Around the Country: Have You or Your Child Been Hurt by Drinking Energy Drinks?

Energy drinks are extremely popular these days and different energy drink products are marketed to target different segments of the population:  some of the energy drinks are popular with kids and teens; some are popular with workers and adults who generally need an energy boost in the afternoons; others are promoted to athletes and those participating in sports.

Some of the more successful energy drinks on sale today include RedBull; Monster; NOS; RockStar; and AMP. Energy shots like 5-Hour Energy are also of concern, but energy “shots” are considered as a separate product (and different concern for studies) than the energy drink beverages sold in containers similar to soft drinks.

No matter the name of the energy drink, or the targeted customer, these energy drinks may be very dangerous to drink and it’s no surprise that back in November we posted about the Food and Drug Administration beginning a federal study into the safety of energy drinks being sold in the United States today.

Once again, there are products on the store shelves we all shop in our daily lives that may contain products for sale that are dangerous for us — or our loved ones.  There are news reports that this product, the energy drink, may be so dangerous that people are dying after using it.

What is an “Energy Drink” product?

The dangers of energy drinks aren’t being considered regarding the common morning cup o’joe or the afternoon mug of green tea.  Both coffee and tea do contain caffiene and are traditional drinks used to pep up but they aren’t the target of growing concern over “energy drinks.”  The focus here is on a new type of popular product that is marketing for its “energizing” effects and which contains ingredients purported to give energy when digested.

For example, most energy drinks do have caffeine in them but in much higher amounts that traditional coffee or tea.  Depending upon the product, there may be additions of sugar; ginseng; guarana; taurine; and other stimulants.

New Study:  Big Jump in ER Visits From Energy Drinks

According to this newly released study from the Department of Health and Human Services’ Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, from 2007 to 2011, there was an estimated jump in Emergency Room visits of 10,000 to 20,000 due to energy drinks in this country.  Most of the ER treatment for energy drink consumption was given to young people:  kids in their teenage years or young adults not long out of their teens.  The federal report is considering energy drinks a “rising public health problem,” after surveying around 230 hospitals around the country.

Congress Calling for Action: Filing Claims Depends Upon Injury Victims and Their Families

Today, three members of Congress sent letters to several major energy drink manufacturers asking for information regarding their product.  This may be the first step in Congressional investigation into the dangers of energy drinks, which would be an independent investigation from that of the Executive Branch’s ongoing FDA study.

Meanwhile, dangerous products do get sold in the American marketplace because profit is valued over safety, and products liability law is often the tool used to stop this wrongdoing. For those who have been injured by an energy drink, or who have a loved one who has been hurt by drinking an energy drink, there may be claims available to bring justice to you under state or federal law in the courtroom now.  Studies like this serve not only as a warning to the public but as support for these kinds of claims for justice.

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