Indiana Preparing for Disaster: Could a Tragedy Like the May 2013 Oklahoma Tornadoes Hit Indiana or Illinois? Be Ready Now.

Indiana Preparing for Disaster: Could a Tragedy Like the May 2013 Oklahoma Tornadoes Hit Indiana or Illinois? Be Ready Now.

Today, the National Weather Service has the northern half of the State of Indiana under a risk for severe weather.  Weather serious enough to hurt property and harm people could hit Indiana today.

The weather experts are warning that this northern part of Indiana may have to deal with severe storms along with the possibility of tornadoes.   Those interested in following the Indiana storm’s progress can track it here.

Usually, these warnings come and go with most of us; however, in the recent aftermath of the horrible tornadoes in Oklahoma City and Moore, Oklahoma with many people dead or seriously injured and literally billions of dollars in damages,  perhaps a quick review of Disaster Preparation is warranted.

Indiana Emergency Management Agencies & Field Services District Information Map

In the event of a disaster, the State of Indiana is organized to respond in sections as shown on the above map. Click on the map above to go to a page where you will be able to click on your neck of the woods and find county EMA contact information as well as Field Services District information. These are the people that stand ready to help in an emergency like a natural disaster.

Here are phone numbers that you can call, too:

  • Emergency First Responders – 9-1-1
  • Information and Referral – 2-1-1
  • TTY Relay – 7-1-1 (if you are deaf, use this instead of 9-1-1)
  • Speech to Speech Relay – (877) 743-8231

From the Indiana Department of Homeland Security come the following warnings concerning Thunderstorms:

  1. If a thunderstorm is coming postpone or cancel outdoor activity.
  2. Do NOT go near tall trees or any other tall objects.
  3. Seek shelter inside a building or in a hardtop vehicle, but don’t touch any of the metal inside.
  4. Do NOT use the telephone. Stay away from other electronic devices, bare metal, and water.
  5. Do NOT go near downed power lines.
  6. Keep your eye on the sky and listen to weather reports on the radio or TV.
  7. If caught out in the middle of a large body of water, return to shore as soon as possible. Get off the water immediately.
  8. When caught in the middle of an open field: If walking with others stay a minimum of 10 feet apart, keep low and move quickly to seek shelter. If there is no shelter lay in a ditch or get to the lowest place around.

From the Indiana Department of Homeland Security come the following warnings concerning tornadoes:

    1. Basements, inner rooms of a house, and storm cellars provide the best protection.
    2. Stay away from exterior walls, windows, and doors. Stay in the center of the room.
    3. If you are in your car do NOT try and outrun the tornado because it can switch direction and can cover lots of ground quickly.
    4. Get out of vehicle and go into a strong building if possible. If not, lie flat in a ditch or low area and cover your head.
    5. Do NOT go under overpasses, wind speeds actually increase under them and can suck you out!
    6. If you live in a mobile home, get out IMMEDIATELY. Take shelter in a building with a strong foundation.
    7. Listen to radio or watch TV so you can be alerted about your current situation.

Remember, these warnings apply not only to you and your family at home but also to those with a duty to protect others in their care.

Teachers, coaches, babysitters, caretakers, guides, aides, nurses, and others with a responsibility for another human being (infants to teens to elders) must bear the duty of heeding these warnings for those for whom they are responsible. Kids need to be off the practice field during thunderstorms, for example, and parents need to be able to rely on those teachers and coaches to take the above precautions when they are responsible for their children.

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