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Interstate 94 is a part of the national interstate highway system that connects Billings, Montana, at its western end to Port Huron, Michigan, on its eastern tip, moving traffic through Indiana and Illinois along the way. Northwest Indiana is served by I-94 as it provides the ability to move along the interstate highway from Munster through to Hammond and Portage and beyond. One section of I-94, the portion of the interstate that runs from the Illinois-Indiana state line through to Lake Station, is known as to the locales as the Borman Expressway.

Northwest Indiana and I-94

Interstate 94 moves traffic from Illinois into Northwestern Indiana beginning with Munster, and maneuvers on into Hammond. Along one section of I-94, between Kennedy Avenue and State Road 912, records show that an average of 164,000 cars travel daily. From Hammond, the interstate enters Gary, Indiana, moving on into Lake Station and going on into Portage, Burns Harbor, Chesterton and leaves the northwestern part of the state as it zips through to Michigan City and onward into the State of Michigan. Nearly everyone living in the northwestern section of Indiana is well aware of I-94 and depends upon the roadway for commuting or travel purposes.

Interstate 94 is Huge

One thing that those driving through Northwest Indiana for the first time may be shocked to see: I-94 is big. It moves through Indiana for 45 miles as a 10-lane interstate (compare, for example, much of Texas’ interstates which are 4 or 6 lanes) as it crosses through both Lake County and Porter County (entering Porter County near Chesterton). This is because Interstate 94 is part of the federal High Priority Corridor and is considered a NAFTA Superhighway (part of the highway system connecting Canada, Mexico, and the U.S.A. as partner in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).) As you might imagine, the Indiana automobile accident lawyers at the law firm of Kenneth J. Allen have represented many people who have been injured on I-94.

I-94 is a Federal High Priority Corridor

In 1991, Congress passed the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA) which identified 21 portions of the federal interstate highway system as “high priority corridors” and in further legislation, increased the number of HPCs to 80 by 2005. High priority corridors exist throughout the continental United States and Alaska, insuring efficient, maintained routes connecting the country that include the East-West Transamerica Corridor (Virginia – Kansas) and the North-South Corridor (South Carolina – Michigan). Northwest Indiana’s Interstate 94 is a part of this federal system of corridors.

Some Traffic Safety Facts from the Indiana Department of Transportation

From 2011 Statistics:

  • Overall collision counts were higher in Indiana urban (124,699) and suburban
  • (22,826) locales than in surrounding urban (10,492) and rural (12,594) areas.
  • Rates of serious injury collisions per 1,000 total collisions were higher in urban (34 per 1,000) and rural (37) locales than in areas designated as urban (15) and suburban (30).
  • January had the highest frequency of collisions among all months (18,828, or 10 percent of all collisions in 2011).

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