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Work Site Accident Lawyer in Merrillville, IN

Anyone can suffer a personal injury, and when that occurs, it could have an extraordinarily disruptive effect on you and your family. During a time of dealing with medical bills, trauma, medical treatment, rehabilitation and recovery, it’s difficult to know where to start in pursuing the important task of gaining compensation for your injury. The more time that passes, the more likely it is that getting financial remuneration will slip through the cracks, and you alone will be responsible for the costs — direct and indirect — of an injury that was the fault of another party.

There are a few actions that are easy for you to take after you have experienced a personal injury, and you should pursue them as soon as possible. If you suffered the injury at work, report it through the proper channels. This not only begins a paper trail for your incident, but also may protect you from potential disciplinary action from your employer. Even if you’re uncertain about the extent or seriousness of your injury, you still should report it. Injuries can worsen or be exacerbated over time, and it’s difficult to retroactively point to a root cause.

If you’ve been injured outside of the workplace, in an accident or as a direct result of another person, you likely will want to file a police report. This serves the same purpose of creating a third-party account of the circumstances surrounding your injury at the time it occurred. You also should seek medical care as soon as possible after your injury — again, even if you’re unsure about its severity. This documentation may be useful and necessary as you pursue compensation and damages for your medical bills and other costs associated with your injury, so be sure to keep all of your records on file.

Personal Injury Law Firm In Merrillville IN

Even if you’ve completed these steps, the road to compensation and recovery of damages for your injury can be difficult to navigate. It may be unclear who, in fact, is responsible for your injury, and you may not even be sure whether anyone is. At Kenneth J. Allen Law Group, our services as a Merrillville personal injury law firm are available to assist you and your family in answering some of the more difficult questions related to your injury, and helping you make a claim for the compensation and damages to which you may be entitled.

A Merrillville personal injury lawyer specializes in that area, and ours focus their casework and research on helping people recover costs associated with their injuries. We specialize in the details involving personal injury claims: local, state and federal laws; workers’ compensation laws; statutes of limitations, and more. Within the scope of personal injury, a Merrillville medical malpractice lawyer in our office can offer further specialization in that area, whether it involves injuries to you, your child or another family member. Likewise, a Merrillville car accident lawyer is adept at using advanced resources to re-create accident scenes and make a determination of fault backed by hard proof. A Merrillville wrongful death lawyer has experience in a wide range of claims in the unfortunate circumstance of the death of a loved one, including wrongful death resulting from the long-term effects of an injury that occurred in the past.

Find A Personal Injury Attorney In Merrillville IN

Our Merrillville personal injury attorneys specialize in that area to offer the best possible service, including bringing your claim, defending against counterclaims by other parties and insurance companies, obtaining a favorable settlement for you outside of court, and if necessary, arguing your case in court. Remember that the large majority of personal injury claims are in fact settled outside of court, meaning that a protracted legal battle is not something that should concern you. We work our hardest, however, to ensure that these settlements remain favorable to you.

As you consider a claim for compensation or damages for a Merrillville personal injury, also note the different types of compensation to which you may be entitled. Even if you are insured, the other party may be responsible for your medical costs, in addition to any out-of-pocket deductibles or other costs you may have incurred. You also may be entitled to compensation for lost earning potential, lost wages as a result of short- or long-term disability, compensation and damages for disfigurement, as well as pain and suffering. When you need a personal injury attorney in Merrillville to discuss the circumstances of your injury and begin the conversation about the assistance Kenneth J. Allen Law Group can provide you, visit our Merrillville location at: 3700 E. Lincoln Hwy. (US 30) Merrillville IN 46410.

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