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If you’ve suffered a personal injury in Joliet, one of the first questions that might come to mind is: “How can I recover compensation from the responsible party?” There are a few steps that you should follow on your way to doing so, starting with reporting the accident or injury — especially if it occurred at your workplace — and seeking medical treatment. Following your company’s protocol for accident reporting is a critical first step, even if you’re unsure as to the extent of the injury. Failing to report an incident right away may violate your company’s policy and limit its liability (and even create disciplinary issues for you), and it can also weaken the proof of connection between your injury and the incident that led to it.

Steps to take if you are injured through the fault of another

If your accident or injury occurred elsewhere in Joliet, outside of your workplace, you should still take care to make a report and file any paperwork that you can. It’s also important for you to seek medical treatment right away, in order to completely document your injury and the circumstances surrounding it. This documentation can prove to be vital later on as you seek to recover damages from the responsible party.

Once you’ve completed the immediate tasks of reporting your injury and seeking care for it, you should begin talking to a Joliet personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. It is only natural following an injury or accident that you and your family may feel overwhelmed by the needs of fact-gathering, evidence collection and other tasks related to recovering compensation, while also tending to your recovery and the lasting effects of the incident.

Joliet Personal Injury Attorney

A personal injury lawyer in Joliet can be very helpful during this time, helping you make sense of the circumstances of your accident and how to determine fault and responsibility. Joliet personal injury lawyers can also begin the task of communicating with other insurance companies, which can be an intimidating responsibility for a layperson to take on. Insurance companies are experts in disputing facts in pursuit of lessening their (and their clients’) liability; however, an experienced Joliet personal injury lawyer can help put the odds back in your favor.

Remember that a personal injury does not necessarily have to occur in the workplace for you to be able to recover damages for it, and that the services of a personal injury lawyer can be of great assistance in numerous types of situations. At Kenneth J. Allen Law Group, our Joliet car accident lawyers can help you get compensated for any type of automobile accident that results from the fault of another party. We have extensive experience in reconstructing accident scenes and establishing fault and responsibility, using advanced modeling and graphics to illustrate the scenario. Our Joliet medical malpractice lawyers have handled numerous cases in that area and are experts in the field of determining whether further injury or illness came as a result of misconduct, negligence or carelessness by a medical professional.

In the case of the accidental death of a loved one, our Joliet wrongful death lawyers can help you and your family receive compensation for this unfortunate circumstance during a time of mourning and trauma. Whether in the case of injury or wrongful death, our experience allows us to help you get the full amount of compensation to which you are entitled for lost wages, medical bills, out-of-pocket expenses, lost earning potential, the traumatizing effects of disfigurement (permanent or temporary), as well as pain and suffering.

Personal Injury Claims in Joliet IL

Our Joliet personal injury lawyers can assist you with a Joliet personal injury claim in a number of other areas, including burn injuries, maritime injuries as a result of working on or near one of Joliet’s numerous waterways, school and playground injuries, construction accidents, equipment or machine malfunction, and more. Our specialized medical and legal knowledge in the area of personal injury also gives us the ability to help you recover damages for serious and profound injuries like brain damage or spinal cord damage.

Although many Joliet law firms will agree to take on a personal injury case, very few specialize purely in that area. The Kenneth J. Allen Law Group not only focuses specifically on personal injury, but we remain selective about the cases we take on. If we aren’t confident that our specialized expertise will be of assistance in your particular circumstance, we will respectfully decline your case and help you find more suitable representation. This integrity is a reflection of our dedication to maintaining a narrow yet deep focus on one area, and providing the best service possible in that area alone.

We also take pride on keeping a roster of attorneys with even more specialized knowledge in a field within personal injury — the aforementioned Joliet medical malpractice and accident lawyers, along with attorneys dedicated to construction accidents, maritime or longshoreman injuries, injuries which a municipal or public agency may be responsible for, and many more. Contact us to discuss the details of your case and with one of our specialized personal Joliet injury attorneys at our location 1000 Essington Rd Joliet IL 60431.

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