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El estudio jurídico especializado en daños personales del área del noroeste de Indiana y Chicago Kenneth J. Allen Law Group es muy selectivo en cuanto a los tipos de casos que toma, a fin de dedicar el máximo de recursos y energías a cada cliente.

Los abogados especializados en daños personales de Indiana de este estudio representan a personas que han sufrido lesiones graves o daños catastróficos debido a uno de los siguientes motivos:

  • Accidentes de camión tractor
  • Accidentes automovilísticos
  • Lesión laborales
  • Negligencia médica
  • Accidentes de motocicleta
  • Explosiones e incendios
  • Lesiones laborales en el sector de la construcción
  • Mesotelioma
  • Accidentes en fábricas de acero
  • Accidentes de autobús
  • Trabajadores ferroviarios (Ley Federal sobre la Obligación de los Empresarios, FELA por sus siglas en inglés)
  • Accidentes en trenes y aviones
  • Lesiones de columna vertebral
  • Lesiones cerebrales
  • Electrocución
  • Mal funcionamiento de equipos y máquinas
  • Resbalones y caídas
  • Lesiones en escuelas y parques
  • Reclamos de seguro
  • Productos defectuosos
  • Accidentes deportivos y de navegación
  • Accidentes de peatones
  • Trabajadores estibadores y marítimos
  • Caídas y choques
  • Indemnización laboral

Si usted o un ser querido ha sufrido una lesión grave o la muerte debido a actos ilícitos cometidos por un tercero, puede tener derecho a presentar una demanda judicial por daños y perjuicios y también a imponer justicia contra el infractor. Además, puede comunicarse con los abogados especializados en daños personales del noroeste de Indiana y Chicago de Kenneth J. Allen Law Group para programar una consulta inicial gratuita.


Personal Injury Attorney in Chicago, IL

Also Serving Orland Park, IL, and Surrounding Areas

When you suffer an injury, you don’t want to deal with costs and expenses. You want to focus on healing and recuperating. The same is said of those who have been injured by someone else’s actions or inactions. You want peace and quiet so you can recover fully, but you need compensation to make that possible.

At Kenneth J. Allen Law Group, we are dedicated to winning you the compensation you deserve so you can heal. A personal injury attorney from our office will work tirelessly to get your case a favorable outcome. If you live in the Chicago, IL, area, call us today to see how a personal injury lawyer can help you.

Knowledgeable and Understanding Service

Kenneth J. Allen Law Group has over decades of experience in the legal field. Countless personal injury cases have given us the knowledge to win cases and the compassion to understand what the process is like for our clients. If you have suffered an injury and live in northwest Indiana or the surrounding area, you can trust us to help.

Areas of Service
While we are selective about the cases we accept, an Indiana personal injury lawyer or Chicago personal injury lawyer on our staff can take on your personal injury claims, from spinal cord and brain injuries to burn injuries, insurance claims and more. Just a few of the areas in which we specialize include:

Fair and Favorable Compensation

Dealing with your personal injury claim can be stressful and difficult, especially if you are still recovering from your ordeal. Your insurance company may be low-balling you with amounts that are far less than you need or deserve. When this is the case, rely on a personal injury lawyer from Kenneth J. Allen Law Group.

If you are entitled to compensation, we can help you receive it for the following damages and benefits:

  • Dependent’s benefits
  • Loss of relationship or consortium
  • Lost wages
  • Lost opportunity for future earnings
  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages
  • Rehabilitation and medication

If you are unsure if you are entitled to compensation, there’s no need to spend time worrying. Simply contact our office for a free consultation. We will look at your case and let you know if you are entitled to compensation for some or all of the damages listed above.

Caring and Experienced Personal Injury Law Firm

At Kenneth J. Allen Law Group, we provide knowledgeable, second-to-none personal injury lawyer services in our region. Our firm brings decades of combined experience to the table, and we have at our fingertips a broad range of expertise in the area of personal injury. We also have an ace research team that will be able to look into the specifics of your injury to find the best path to victory for you.

We are very selective about the cases we take on because we want to make sure that every case we handle allows us to devote our full attention to our clients. When we take you on as a client, we will maximize our energy and resources to your case!
If you have been injured in Chicagoland or Northwest Indiana, don’t wait. Give us a call for a no-obligation consultation today!

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or killed due to the wrongful acts of another, then you may have a legal claim for damages as well as the right to justice against the wrongdoer and you are welcomed to contact the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland personal injury lawyers at Kenneth J. Allen Law Group to schedule a free initial legal consultation.

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