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Traumatismo cerebral Los efectos de las lesiones cerebrales pueden ser catastróficos y complejos. Los dolores de cabeza, la pérdida de memoria a corto plazo y los cambios de humor son algunas de las lesiones leves que pueden hacer que alguien nunca vuelva a ser la misma persona o destruir su vida. Los traumatismos cerebrales también son responsables de lesiones graves y permanentes, que incluyen la paraplejia, tetraplejia y trastornos mentales como la esquizofrenia. Parálisis Las lesiones en la cabeza, el cuello o la espalda pueden provocar afecciones cerebrales o en la médula espinal. Cualquiera de estos acontecimientos puede causar pérdida temporal o permanente de las funciones en las extremidades o parálisis total. Fracturas Las fracturas de huesos son lesiones graves que deben controlarse con atención para garantizar una recuperación adecuada y completa. Las fracturas múltiples, producto de una caída o aplastamiento, pueden generar necesidades médicas prolongadas, que incluyen servicios de rehabilitación. Electrocuciones Todas las electrocuciones provocan quemaduras. Los productos químicos peligrosos también pueden causar quemaduras químicas. Las lesiones por quemaduras pueden ser permanentes y, por lo general, suelen tener una indemnización según la ley, en especial si las personas afectadas no tuvieron responsabilidad en el hecho.

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Si es abogado y desea derivar el caso de su cliente de Indiana o Illinois para que lo maneje Kenneth J. Allen Law Group, puede consultar las sentencias y los resultados anteriores de otros casos al hacer clic aquí. Si usted o un ser querido ha sufrido una lesión grave o la muerte debido a actos ilícitos cometidos por un tercero, puede tener derecho a presentar una demanda judicial por daños y perjuicios y también a imponer justicia contra el infractor. Además, puede comunicarse con los abogados especializados en daños personales del noroeste de Indiana y Chicago de Kenneth J. Allen Law Group para programar una consulta inicial gratuita.

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Brain Injury – Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Brain injuries can be both catastrophic and subtle in their effects on a person. Headaches, short-term memory loss and mood swings are some of the minor effects that can nevertheless destroy someone’s life or turn him or her into a different person. TBI is also responsible for severe and permanent injuries, including paraplegia, quadriplegia, and severe mental disorders such as schizophrenia.

Injuries to the head, neck or back can result in either brain injuries or spinal cord injuries. Either can cause temporary or permanent loss of the use of limbs — or full paralysis.

Broken bones are serious injuries that must be carefully monitored in order to ensure a proper and full recovery. Multiple fractures, from a fall or crushing injury, can result in long-term medical needs including rehabilitation services.

All result in burns. Hazardous chemicals can cause chemical burns as well. Burn injuries can be permanent, and are usually compensable under the law for those who have been burned through no fault of their own.

When Should Your Consult an Attorney About Your Job Site Injury?

Your first step after a job site injury should be to notify your employer of your injury, even if you aren’t yet sure about the extent of it. Immediate notification strengthens your proof that the injury occurred on your job site, a fact some companies may try to dispute in order to avoid paying compensation.

After notifying your employer and seeking medical assistance, you should contact a work injury lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your potential recourse. The statute of limitations to file a job site injury lawsuit in either Illinois or Indiana is two years from the date of the accident.

However, if you are employed by a city, county or state agency, you must file a formal claim in court within a much shorter amount of time. In Indiana, you must file a claim against a city or county within 180 days, and against the state within 270 days.

In Illinois, you must file a lawsuit against a city or county within one year, and if you are injured while working for the state, you must file a formal claim within one year — the two-year statute to file a lawsuit still remains in this situation. A work injury attorney can help you in any of the above instances.

Kenneth J. Allen Law Group attorneys are available and ready to help you file your claim or suit as soon as possible to remain compliant with your state and local statutes of limitations. We are also experienced in defending against comparative fault claims that may decrease your compensation for your injury, drawing on a wealth of successful cases to provide you with the best representation possible. Having a job site injury attorney with experience on your side will help your chances of obtaining any compensation to which you are entitled.

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