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The Borman Expressway is named for astronaut Frank Borman who was also the head of Eastern Airlines. It is the name given to an overlap of two interstates, I-80 and I-94, as the freeway moves from the Illinois-Indiana state line through to Interstate 65. This roadway is an especially heavy traveled stretch of highway, serving both many commuters as well as other travelers along with lots of commercial traffic. The Borman Expressway serves Northwest Indiana as it moves east from the Illinois border, entering near Munster, Indiana, and continues on to the Indiana Toll Road. Thereafter, the traffic continues along Interstate 94, but the section of highway is no longer considered as part of the Borman Expressway. Technically, the Borman Expressway is designated section of the Indiana highway system, made up of an overlap of several other major routes, including Interstate 80, Interstate 94, and U.S. Highway 6. As it is part of Interstate 94, the Borman Expressway is considered a High Priority Corridor in the federal highway system. Beginning in 2004, things were increasing frustrating along the Borman Expressway and delays were commonplace and the risk of accidents was unacceptably high. The Indiana Department of Transportation oversaw an expansion and renovation of the Borman Expressway to provide an eight-lane roadway (4 lanes going each way) as well as longer interchange ramps, better bridges, and new collector/distributor lanes to make it easier and safer for drivers to enter and exit the Borman Expressway.

Big Rig Semi Truck Traffic on Borman Expressway

With all the steel mills and other industries located in the Chicago / Northwest Indiana part of the country, there is a huge amount of cargo transported across the country via trucking. Accordingly, the Borman Expressway contributes to the marketplace as a trade route where big rig, commercial semi trucks rumble alongside commuter and travel traffic. Those driving along the Borman Expressway on a regular basis know to expect a shared experience between a big volume of 18-wheelers with sedans, SUVs, pickup trucks, minivans, and motorcycles. For those who are new to the area, driving in this mishmash can be surprising and even intimidating and hazardous. It is understandably dangerous to have these heavy, loaded semis sharing the roadways with other vehicles as all drive along at high speeds. Indeed, the Borman Expressway is known to be a risky roadway with a higher than average possibility of commercial truck collisions and accidents with smaller cars and trucks and thus, a higher risk of traffic fatalities and serious injury crashes. If you have been injured in a collision involving a commercial truck, semi, big rig, or tractor trailer, the Indiana truck accident attorneys at Kenneth J. Allen Law Group have the skills and years of experience to represent you and fight for the justice you deserve. All of Borman Expressway is located in Lake County, Indiana. The Borman Expressway moves from Munster to Hammond and into Gary where it continues to Lake Station. This is the highway that brings travelers to the Gary/Chicago International Airport (Exit 5, Cline Avenue) and to both the northwest campus of Indiana University in Gary (Exit 10, Broadway) and the Calumet campus of Purdue University in Hammond (Exit 2, Indianapolis Boulevard).   If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or killed due to the wrongful acts of another, then you may have a legal claim for damages as well as the right to justice against the wrongdoer and you are welcomed to contact a Chicagoland and Indiana personal injury lawyer at Kenneth J. Allen Law Group to schedule a free initial legal consultation.

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