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US-41 moves through Wisconsin and Illinois into Indiana where it travels north to south for 282 miles, running parallel to the Illinois borderline on the western side of the state. Go south, and you can take US Route 41 all the way from the northern tip of Indiana to Miami, and the Atlantic Ocean. For Northwest Indiana and particularly Lake County, US Route 41 begins in Belshaw and moves through North Hayden, St. John, and Schererville until it reaches Hammond and from there, US Route 41 crosses the Illinois state line. Particularly for the Hammond area, US-41 (known in Hammond as Indianapolis Boulevard or Calumet Avenue) is important because its 4-lane road allows traffic to connect with the Indiana Toll Road (Exit 5) as well as I-80/I-94 east to go to Detroit, and I-80/I-94 west to drive on towards Chicago. In fact, from Cedar Lake all the way north to the Indiana-Illinois state line, you will find lots of commuter traffic driving along US Route 41, stopping and going with many, many stoplights and intersections. The attorneys at the Indiana injury law firm of Kenneth J. Allen have extensive experience representing accident victims along this route. Through their work, they hope to ensure that efforts are made to avoid tragedies in the future.

Historical Significance of US Route 41

Historically, US Route 41 has something to contribute to Indiana since it was one of the original “major” routes created as a United States Route back in the mid-1920s. Little has changed for US-41 since its origins in the Depression Era, although it may no longer be recognized by some of its other names, such as the Dixie Bee Line Highway, the White Spot Trail, or the Adeway Auto Trail. Back when automobiles first began to move across the United States, drivers began organizing “auto trail” clubs, where members could share the best ways to get across the country, either east-west or north-south, by car. These auto trail organizations would mark certain routes and promote them to the membership, sometimes having towns pay dues to get included in the auto trail marketing campaign. US Route 41 was born as one of these preferred auto trails. By 1914, the American Association of State Highway Officials (AASHO) had been created to set up automobile roadway standards and the beginnings of the federal interstate highway system. The auto trail groups were not pleased with the AASHO, especially its attempts to simply number everything and dismiss the charming and descriptive highway names that had been created or adopted by the groups for their membership. As time passed, the groups differences were aligned, and the interstate system created its own freeway framework while state roads were given United States Route designations, with numbers delineating whether the road went north/south (an odd numbered route) or east/west (an even numbered route). United States Route 41, as one of those original U.S. Routes, was also known as the Dixie Highway or the Dixie Bee Line Highway. Since its inception, it has offered the driver an ability to take an interesting and scenic journey from the shores of Lake Michigan through the southern United States all the way to the Florida’s oceanside beaches.   If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or killed due to the wrongful acts of another, then you may have a legal claim for damages as well as the right to justice against the wrongdoer and you are welcomed to contact a Chicagoland and Indiana personal injury lawyer at Kenneth J. Allen Law Group to schedule a free initial legal consultation.

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